Chef Manager Patricia Ryan

Chef Patricia Ryan.jpg

Chef Pat has been at Albertus for more than 10 years. Pat learned her trade by watching other chefs and using her smarts to become a top-notch Chef. When her children were young, she worked in a very busy deli where she was able to not only learn about food preparation, but also cater for large groups. This inspiration has allowed her to be able to make food for the large crowds at Albertus. Pat is definitely a whiz when it comes to pasta but look for some new twists this year at school. She knows that with all the activities both students and adults have each day, lunch is a really important meal so making something healthy and nourishing (and tasty of course) is her constant goal. Personally, she adores fish and wishes she could get everyone at Albertus to enjoy it more. At home she is a grill master. In her spare time, Pat loves to walk and explore nearby Bear Mountain, and recently took up knitting. Pat has two adult children and lives in nearby Highland Falls, New York.

For additional questions or assistance regarding food allergies
or special dietary concerns, please call 845.623.8654.